Saturday, 30 April 2011

hey guys, if your wondering about my pictures. they are done with FinePix S6500 fd digital camera.

its quite cheap and also very old.

anyway here is some more :)

new uploads #2

just uploading some more guys :)

new uploads for you guys! thanks so much for following!

Some pictures that are a bit different to normal!

Friday, 29 April 2011

new ones!

Sorry havn't uploaded in a while guys!

Dont mind me just uploading some more pictures!

new pictures!

Another upload guys, please comment how you think it is.
i took this while out with my girlfriend and i also use it for my photography gallery.
It isnt very proffessional but it does the job.


i got some good feedback so heres some more guys!

this one is one of mty favourites!

proud of this, amateur but yes.

My first new picture!

this is a picture i took a while ago guys :)